Energy Tariff Incentive Program

Energy Tariff Incentive Program 2.0 (ETIP): Only for Mainland Industries in Abu Dhabi

The Industrial companies always lookout for a place to get good rewards & return on their investments, and remain competitive, therefore the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of Abu Dhabi has introduced Energy Tariff Incentive Program 2.0, which covers Electricity and Gas Tariff Incentive (Extension of ETIP 1.0) in partnership with Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) and Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) to strengthen emirate of Abu Dhabi position being preferred destination and become First Choice for industrial sector.

The ETI Program 2.0 primary & overarching AIMs to attract investments and bring competitiveness into Emirates of Abu Dhabi through transparency and improvised operational cost of manufacturing entities by enhancing energy efficiency and productivity.

The ETIP program incentivise and offer the discounted tariff for their Electricity and Gas consumptions, if the manufacturing entities based in Abu Dhabi Mainland meet the specific criteria & scores.

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ETIP Certification

Al Raqamiya Management Consulting (ALR) is one of the approved empaneled certifying bodies for the ETIP 2.0 from IDB of Department of Economic Development to issue ETIP Certificate.

To obtain ETIP Certificate, please contact us at and our team will get back you.

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